If you opened your own business, what would it be? 

I am fortunate enough to be in a position in my life right now where I am in one of my dream jobs, serving as a leader for a local community foundation. I am thrilled and humbled to connect individuals, families and businesses with local nonprofit organizations that align with their charitable giving priorities and passions. Community philanthropy and community foundation work are both lifelong passions of mine that were instilled in me in high school.


Additionally, I have a fun business - Defining the Details that I get to dabble in outside of my full-time role. While I am still in my very early stages of developing the business, I provide day of coordinating services for wedding couples. This provides the opportunity for me to thrive in the world of event planning, and the many details that come with it - something that I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed doing. 


What advice would you give your younger self? 

You are the best project that you are ever going to work on and you are always growing, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Take the time to slow down, pause, and rest. Nurture your soul, your well-being, and the energy that you bring to your life. Stop trying to focus on 10 things, and instead – focus on 3 really great things, and remember that there is always tomorrow. 


Exceptional Skills- 

Incredibly detail oriented – in all aspects of my life. 

Expert event coordinator.

Great listener.

Decisive decision maker.


What makes you feel fulfilled? 

Serving others, empowering others, and connecting others. 


When asked to describe yourself, what’s the first word that pops into your mind? 



Favorite Book- 

So many. A few that will remain on my bookshelf that will continue to inspire me and challenge my mind:

-The Hate You Give

-Good to Great

-In the Company of Women


What makes your heart race? 

Being a part of a community project or initiative from start to finish – whether with a specific organization or a community at large, and witnessing the impact, growth, and relationships that come to fruition through the process.


Setting and completing a personal goal.


Organization or cause near to your heart: 

Causes that I hold close to my heart are youth development, mentoring, and female growth / leadership. 


What keeps you up at night? 

Currently a lot of buzz around details with planning our June wedding! 


Other times – the excitement and energy that comes from new ideas / projects / inspiration, and the worry that comes with life when I get stuck in my own head. 


What is a belief you once held but no longer do? 

That I was the only person that would get me where I wanted to go – personally and professionally. For the longest time (and every once in a while, this still happens) – I had the hardest time asking for help or allowing others to help me. 


What are you interested in connecting with other women about? 

Learning about your story, your passions, and what energizes you!

Sunni Swarbrick

Executive Director

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