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Show Me How You're Broken

January 20, 2018

A good friend and I were enjoying lunch together last week and we were discussing our ability to connect with certain people.  It seems there’s a deeper connection with some women than with others and we were wondering aloud why that might be.  She suddenly blurted out, “I need to see how they’re broken”.  And we both knew that was it.  For us to feel truly connected and vulnerable with other women, we need to see their imperfections.  They must be willing to talk about the hard stuff- the things in life that aren’t going well.


On Sundays, a normal practice during church is for our pastor to walk over to a prayer board and read aloud requests.  Oftentimes, there are both joys and concerns.  This past week, one of the prayer requests was for internal peace due to infertility issues.  A man or a woman was brave enough to write on a piece of paper that their heart was hurting and they needed some extra love.   I said a prayer of peace for them.  I said a prayer of asking for them.  And then I wondered all morning if they have anyone in their life they can share their brokenness with.  I sure hope so. 


One of the values for The Atwood Center for Women is to be vulnerable.  And that is a very hard thing to do.  It’s a difficult way of living.  And yet, I have found the most beautiful moments in life have always come from a place of vulnerability.


What does it mean to share your brokenness?  Tell people how you’re hurting.  Tell them what’s not going well.  Why you’re insecure.  Even better, why you’re angry. 


I challenge each person reading this to consider who in your circle you could share your brokenness with.  Your bravery is often what it takes for someone else to have the courage to share their struggles and ask for help. 


As with all things in life, it may not be easy but it will be worth it. 

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