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The Atwood Center For Women

December 24, 2017

My name is Gina and I’m passionate about connecting with women.  I’ve always surrounded myself with strong role models and vibrant friends and I’ve realized that many women lack these networks. 

I’m heavily involved in my community.  Book clubs, leadership programs and breakfast groups.  I coach my boys’ sports teams, occasionally teach Sunday School and routinely say yes to volunteerism.  I’m what you’d call “Overcommitted”.  And while juggling these things (and more) requires quite the balancing act, it also allows me the opportunity to routinely connect with people, specifically, women.  I have found that to be a vital thread in my jam-packed life.

A few months ago, I was chatting with a girlfriend and I referenced another woman in my network that knew a lot about the topic we were discussing.  It dawned on me that she had no idea who this other woman was- they were both dear friends of mine but they had never been introduced to each other.  In that moment, I decided that I needed to be more intentional about connecting the amazing women in my life.  I know so many incredible ones that it would be selfish to keep them apart! 

And so was born the Incredible Women Party.  Any of my women friends who were interested received an invitation to my home on the evening of November 16th, 2017 to get to know each other.  I knew that I would need to do specific things to make sure that attendees would meet many women- not just a couple they happened to fall into conversation with.  I asked each woman to speak about herself for sixty seconds.  Thirty-some women sat in a wide circle in my basement and enjoyed learning about each other.  It was fantastic. 

The success of that evening drove me to get the Atwood Center for Women rolling.  I have a lot of ideas and lot of hopes and dreams.  Doing something with them and channeling my energy was the next step. 

My best friend from college was named Rachel Atwood.  She passed away in 2014 and I thought naming an organization after her that aims to serve women was a perfect fit.  If you'd like to learn more about Rachel, you can do that here.

The Atwood Center for Women serves many purposes.  It has different facets and it allows women to engage at the level they feel comfortable.  They may visit the website simply to find a recommendation for a therapist in their community.  Maybe they’d like to listen to a podcast featuring women.  Or perhaps they’re just curious to learn more about the “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve” campaign.  Whatever the reason you’re here, please know I am thrilled.

This is all new to me.  Like I said, my first #IWP was in November and my husband gifted me with a website domain on black Friday.  This has all happened very quickly!

I love feedback (the open and honest kind where it’s not all sunshine and rainbows).  Tell me what I could do better.  Call bullshit when I spew it.  I also love compliments and validation.  Feel free to give me plenty of that, too.

I believe one person can make a difference and I know many people who believe in a cause are unstoppable.  We’re in this life together.  I want to lift you up and I also want to hold you accountable when you need me to.  Will you do the same for me and the other women in your life?  If so, let’s get started!   

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