Mary Mendenhall Core

Regional Director, Pinky Swear Foundation

If you opened your own business, what would it be? 

Too much stress – I’d rather help support an already existing business/organization.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Although judgment is a natural instinct, try to catch yourself before you speak, think, or react negatively. Focus on the idea of treating others how you would want to be treated. This is a behavior you are in control of and may take a lot of work to overcome. Start with giving others the benefit of the doubt, look for basic goodness. (This takes practice)

Exceptional Skills- 

Connector. I love introducing like-minded individuals who don’t know each other but who may benefit from knowing each other.  

What makes you feel fulfilled? 

Watching my now adult children doing well in life. And, enjoying my grandchildren – the Grandma gig is very fulfilling!

When asked to describe yourself, what’s the first word that pops into your mind? 


Favorite Book- 

I’m not much of a book reader. I’d rather research the net and read articles. However, a book that helped me personally and professionally is The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner

What makes your heart race? 

Running late. If I’m on time, I’m late. I’m wired to always be early.

Organization or cause near to your heart- 

Pediatric cancer and bone marrow donation. My daughter is a cancer survivor and I’ve been a bone marrow donor. I’ve been involved with both causes as a volunteer and professionally.

What keeps you up at night? 

Hot Flashes  : )

What is a belief you once held but no longer do? 

Without a college degree I would not be successful. Within a few weeks out of high school I went to work for an insurance company. I had no desire to go to college. I held myself accountable – I was reliable, hard worker, willing to learn and in doing so worked my way up in that company. I started off as a mail/file clerk and left in a management role. After 21years I pursued a career in the non-profit sector. It was helpful to get engaged in the community – volunteering, serving on boards, attending various leadership trainings.

What are you interested in connecting with other women about? 

I’m willing to share my experiences and knowledge that would be encouraging and beneficial to others. As well as help to make connections. In turn, I want to learn from other’s experiences.  I believe everyone we meet we meet for a reason. We learn and grow with every interaction – either good or bad.

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