If you opened your own business, what would it be?  A small coffee shop or café.  I like the idea of having regulars come in everyday, knowing their life story, developing a relationship and filling a void. 

What advice would you give your younger self?  Don’t let disappointment get in your way of living your life.  People will always disappoint you, it’s not about you, it’s about them.  Keep moving, keep living, don’t stop, don’t grieve for too long, there are great lessons to be learned when life disappoints you.  You will be wiser, stronger, smarter and happier.  Trust me!

Exceptional Skills-  I have a very strong intuition about people.  I’m a strong communicator and a great listener. 

What makes you feel fulfilled?  Personally, seeing my daughters happy and succeeding in all they do.  Professionally, I feel the most fulfilled when I am connecting with others.  My role as a recruiter allows me to connect great people with great jobs, but it also allows me to connect and make connections. 

I also feel very fulfilled when I do something I’ve never done before or I go somewhere new. 

When asked to describe yourself, what’s the first word that pops into your mind?  Fun & Authentic

Favorite Book-  I’m not much of a reader unless it’s something I need to read for work.  I’m a very visual person so I prefer movies and series on Netflix or Hulu.  My interests are very broad, but I mostly enjoy watching something that feels like an experience. 

What makes your heart race?  Seeing my daughters struggle with the same things I struggled with at their age.  Acne, mean friends, boys, poor choices, learning the hard lessons life teaches us all. 

Organization or cause near to your heart- St. Jude & Hope Ministries. 

What keeps you up at night?  Thinking, how can I be a better mom, better at my job, a better friend, a better person.  I never feel like I’ve done enough. 

What is a belief you once held but no longer do?  I used to believe that I could change people, but I don’t really believe that anymore.  I think when I was younger I thought that if I spent enough time with or gave enough attention and encouragement to others that I could somehow change them into what I thought would be a better version of them.  What I learned is that only person I need to focus on changing is myself.  By making myself better I have a greater, more positive impact on others.  Now I try to appreciate people for who they are.  If they ask for my help great, if they don’t that’s fine too. 

What are you interested in connecting with other women about?   Everything.  I love hearing people’s stories and I crave interesting people.  I guess that’s why I love my job.  I learn so much from my conversations and I try to always give the person I’m talking to something.  A smile, a compliment, a helpful piece of information, a connection, encouragement, a hug. 

Kristin Lowe

Executive Recruiter

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