Anyone can host an Incredible Women Party or #IWP.  The purpose is to be intentional about connecting women  within your network.  Pick a theme and run with it!  Some ideas for your party-

  • Have name tags and a sharpie available for guests

  • Have each woman talk about herself for 60 seconds (using a timer is recommended)

  • Encourage people to take notes and reach out to each other through social media while the event is happening (or assign a scribe for the event)

  • Create a directory after the event with contact information, pictures and highlights

  • Do a Charity of Choice event and have each woman talk about a cause or organization close to her heart- could be a women she knows who needs a boost

  • Ask people to bring a dish or bottle of wine to share- creates more accountability- you could turn this into something to talk about too- why this dish etc.

  • Encourage people to carpool if your event is large

  • Challenge attendees to host their own #IWP

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