Holly Kluever

Occupation- Chief Operating Officer at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

If you opened your own business, what would it be? Some kind of cool tech start-up. I love stories about innovative ways people are using technology to solve all sorts of different problems.  What advice would you give your younger self? Spend way more time figuring out what you like to do, and go do that - and way less time worrying about other people.

Exceptional Skills- I’m extremely persistent when I’m committed to an idea or a cause. I am really good at remembering things I’ve read (less so at remembering to turn off the lights or where I put my keys). I make excellent soup.

What makes you feel fulfilled? Finishing something that I’ve put a lot of energy into.

When asked to describe yourself, what’s the first word that pops into your mind? Smart.

Favorite Book- I don’t think I can pick one. Did you know that in Iowa you can get library cards from any city? I have three, and I use them all!

What makes your heart race? Public speaking - even if I’m totally prepared, I still always have a moment of panic when all eyes are on me.

Organization or cause near to your heart- Girl Scouts! I’ve been working for Girl Scouts for 8 years (in 2 different states) and I am super passionate about building girl leaders. The world needs more!

What keeps you up at night? Not much, honestly. I’m pretty much a champion sleeper.

What is a belief you once held but no longer do? I used to think that relationships involved a lot of struggle, and a lot of grand gestures. I’ve learned that love can actually be a whole lot of small gestures, and really easy.

What are you interested in connecting with other women about? I love talking about what we do at Girl Scouts. So many people are interested in supporting what we do but don’t know how to get involved. I’m also interesting in hearing about other great programs and projects to build strong communities.

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