Occupation- Manager, Talent Development at Aureon and full-time mom to two sweet,

but time consuming littles.

If you opened your own business, what would it be? I filled out everything else and came

back to this question several times.  I’ve re-written this response several times too. I can’t

think of one thing I would want to own.  Is that bad?  I’m going to say no.  I work with all

kinds of employees.  Some who are great at their jobs who have no aspirations of leading

people or managing a department.  I always tell them it’s ok – we need cogs in the wheel,

too.  We need people to play all the roles.  My role in life and the way I think is pretty

direct, rule following and straightforward.  I’m not naturally a big picture thinker or a

dreamer,which I feel you need to be to own a successful business.  Or, maybe it’s just this                      

phase in my life with two small children where it would feel too time consuming.  Either way – I’m ok with it and willing to pitch in to make someone else’s venture a success!

What advice would you give your younger self? Stop being so hard on yourself (and judgmental of everyone else).  You’re not supposed to know everything.  That’s why we live a life…to learn as we go.  Be more kind – not everyone is going the same speed as you are and that’s for good reason.

Exceptional Skills- I feel like I’m really good at introducing people.  I tend to remember names pretty well and can connect on a fun fact.  At our recent company holiday party I found that I did the majority of the introductions in the conversations I was in.  I am comfortable talking in front of people.  I have had a lot of practice and it is a skill I continue to practice and try to grow. 

What makes you feel fulfilled? I facilitate a lot of courses around professional development; specifically self-awareness.  It makes me feel fulfilled to practice what I preach.  When a work situation pops up and I have the self-control to pause and consider other people’s perspective, that’s a win.  When I’m frustrated with my kids or my husband and am able to choose a different path than my natural instinct, to the betterment of us all, that’s a win.  When others whom I have taught share their moments of application, that’s a win.  I teach this stuff and it’s still hard to apply it on a daily basis. 

When asked to describe yourself, what’s the first word that pops into your mind? Hard-working

Favorite Book- To Kill a Mockingbird

What makes your heart race? Iowa State football and basketball. 

Organization or cause near to your heart-  As a puppy parent before I had human children, the Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue holds a sweet spot in my heart.  I also have a hard time saying no to kids who sell (NOT their parents, mind you.)  I was a Girl Scout growing up, so I know how hard and intimidating it can be to sell those cookies!

What keeps you up at night? Other than a 3 ½ and 1 ½ year old?!  My family in general; but being the youngest in a family of 4, I think about the health of my parents and older siblings. 

What is a belief you once held but no longer do? Everything I ever thought about parenting – before becoming a parent.

What are you interested in connecting with other women about?  It’s amazing how a woman’s path can bend in various directions.  I’m curious how others balance it all.  I’m fascinated by how people live and work and play and maintain relationships.  Or, how they don’t do those things.  And how that’s all ok.  Your immediate family and your close circle can only show you so much of the world.  I appreciate a vulnerable sneak peek into how others do this life thing. 

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