Occupation- Stay at home mom to 4 amazing beautiful smart funny crazy kids.

If you opened your own business, what would it be? For as long as I can

remember I’ve wanted to open my own “shop” through time the details have

changed but always a boutique of some sort. Home decor clothing etc. right

now my passion would be a children’s boutique - furniture decor books toys

clothing accessories- anything amazing for babies and kids! Gah, I want to do

this so badly!!!

What advice would you give your younger self? Stop being so scared. Stop

being so shy. Not everyone will like you and that’s fine. But you can’t make a

new friend if you don’t try. And there are so many people out there that could

be a great friend. Go find them. Also, stop limiting yourself and try everything

so you really know what you love about life. Move forward! Don’t put yourself

in a box. And don’t settle.

Exceptional Skills- Loading a dishwasher! Critiquing myself!!! I’ve been told I make a mean coconut cream pie - but I hate coconut so I’ve never tried it. And I’m absolutely exceptional at making perfect little baby humans - but I’m done with that now.

What makes you feel fulfilled? Spending time with my family. Immediate and extended. My husband and my kiddos smiling at me like I’m doing it right. Alone time - I use to hate being alone - now I know I need it in small doses. And when I’ve finished a difficult task , checking to dos off a list.

When asked to describe yourself, what’s the first word that pops into your mind? Loving.  And slow. Hahaha. I’m so slow at everything. My Husband says it take me an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes. It’s true. I’m so slow. He says it lovingly though.

Favorite Quote- I love so many quotes. There’s none that really comes to mind as a favorite. However, when my dad passed my mom and I got a lot of comfort out of “Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many moments take your breath away” have no idea who that’s by.

Favorite Book- I wish I had one. I want to be a reader but I’ve yet to attain that skill. I buy books and they collect dust on the bookshelf. I find it difficult to get the time to read and I’m not yet sure of what types or topics I love yet. The only books I recall reading and finishing in my adult life are “Heaven is for real” and “belly laughs” both read in one sitting, both great, both before children.

What makes your heart race? Gah. A lot. Mostly my children. Good and bad. When they say they love me -good! When I see them on stairs - bad! Huge fear of them falling down stairs!!! And when Nick and I have a really connecting day together. It seems like in this busy stage of life that doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Organization or cause near to your heart- I don’t have a specific organization. But anything to improve children’s lives I guess. My daughter just told me that a fellow class mate comes to school with no socks. Hello - wind chill has been down to -28 this winter and this poor child has no socks! So I’m on track to trying to get clothes food supplies to the school for kids in need. Wish me luck.

Favorite Food- pasta! Any and all pasta!

What keeps you up at night? Fear and the past. I’m a huge thinker of the past. I get stuck in it. It’s quick sand for me. And fear - I fear I’m missing this beautiful stage of motherhood. Fear I’m not present enough. Fear I’ll forget it all. Fear I’m not enjoying it like I should. Fear I’m screwing them up. Fear I’m not the wife Nick deserves. Fear I’m not a good aunt, friend, daughter... the list goes on forever. Fear someone else I love will get sick or hurt. Fear I’ll get sick or hurt. Fear of losing a child or them losing me. Fear of not being enough. What is a belief you once held but no longer do? I use to believe I couldn’t live away from home. Now I know I can. Because I moved away. And I use to believe I couldn’t live without my dad. Now I know I have to. Because there’s no choice. Life goes on and you learn to live a new way but still LIVE. I use to believe change was bad. I now believe it’s not just necessary but good. That’s not to say I don’t struggle with change. But I no longer believe it to be a monster.

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